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It’s that time of year when you are planning your annual school tour! It’s a day eagerly awaited and looked forward to by the pupils, but a day teachers feel a little apprehensive about. Fear not! - if you are looking for an activity based school tour that is action packed and full of fun and excitement, then look no further! We can offer your class a range of activities that are physically challenging, socially stimulating and guaranteed to excite! Our programme is expertly designed by Physical Education teachers, who have over 35 years experience of providing activity camps for children, and suitable for all classes. All activities are delivered to the highest standards, giving you the peace of mind to relax, observe and even participate if you are up for the challenge!!! For those of you that are already familiar with our school tour we are delighted to inform you that we have yet again added lots of new activities to our 2022 programme.

We Offer

  • Long established and highly experienced school tour operator.     

  • Venues nationwide (Click Here For Locations)

  • A one stop destination for an action-packed, value for money day with no hidden extras!

  • Thrilling, challenging, fun and unique activities to suit all ages and range of abilities

  • A tour day expertly designed by Physical Educational teachers that will enhance your school’s physical education programme

  • A programme that is operated under the expert supervision of a caring staff.

  • Safe environment Stress-free day for class teachers

Get ready for some serious fun and let us make your school tour a truly memorable day! We look forward to meeting you and your class on your 2022 school tour.

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